Video Distribution

Video entertainment and the way we access it is rapidly evolving, and with every new update simply watching TV or playing a video game can become increasingly complicated. With a distributed video system from IntelliTechGY, these complications become a thing of the past.
Utilizing state-of-the-art video distribution equipment, homeowners can enjoy their entire video favorites from any location within their home, regardless of source or location. With IntelliTechGY, DVD’s, Cable, Satellite TV, and streaming solutions are all seamlessly integrated into a central distribution point within the home. The combination of a well- designed, rock-solid distribution system and the latest, cutting-edge video hardware work together to create a robust media system whose sources can be accessed from anywhere in the home, at any time.
With IntelliTechGY, the stack of boxes and the web of wires at the TV, multiple remotes and stand-alone apps are seamlessly integrated to deliver the very best video quality, smoothest channel and source selection, all with industry leading reliability.
  • Homeowners can watch whatever they want, wherever they want whenever they want with ease.
  • Add favorite video sources including cable TV, Apple TV, media extenders, Netflix and youtube streaming video
  • Enjoy the best video resolutions available -- 4K, HDR
  • Conceal all unsightly technology in a central location
  • Optimize the viewing experience with the touch of a button, whether watching cable TV, streaming a movie, or playing a game.
  • Communicate, control, entertain, and play at the touch of a button.
  • Distribute the highest quality video throughout the home – including outdoor spaces.
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