Climate Control Systems

Achieve and maintain the perfect temperature and level of comfort, consistently and effortlessly with a fully integrated climate control system from IntelliTechGY. By incorporating multiple heating and cooling zones paired with state-of-the-art thermostats, home owners are able to maintain an optimal temperature throughout the home providing you and your family with the perfect combination of comfort and efficiency.
  • The ability to set thermostats to the ideal temperature in every heating/cooling zone
  • Use scheduler to minimize energy use when home is unoccupied
  • Maximize comfort in every room and space with absolute ease of control.
  • Utilize scenes to ensure just the right temperature when you wake, to welcome you home from work, or for sleep at night.
  • Control your system using remote temperature and humidity sensors that can be hidden in a central closet and controlled remotely from mobile devices, multi-function keypads, remotes, and touch screens.
  • Works with most popular HVAC systems.
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